East Parkway Tubular:

East Parkway tubular fencing is custom made to suit any design requirement. Standard panels are made out 38x25mm rectangular hollow steel vertical uprights base welded to a top and bottom 40x40mm rectangular hollow steel cross rail.


Design Principles:
  • Available in a diverse range of different powder coated colours; there is a look for every individual and setting.
  • East Parkway tubular can be used on flat sites or modified to suit sloped and undulating land.
  • All our tubular fence designs used for the application of around swimming pools are designed to meet Australian Standard AS: 1926.1


Material Specification:
  • Panel Rail: Custom made to any design requirement. Standard – 40x40mm rectangular hollow steel x 2400mm.
  • Panel Vertical:  Standard – 38x25mm rectangular hollow tube.
  • Intermediate Posts: 50x50mm square or 65x65mm square
  • Fasteners: Panels fixed to post: 40x40mm powder coated flange brackets with self-drilling 10×16 tek screws that can be colour matched to suit panel colour.