Sporting Club Fencing

Numerous projects have been undertaken by Broadview Fencing were we have been engaged by various city councils, community groups and sporting clubs across South Australia to manufacture and install sports ground fencing at various parks and gardens over the years.

This range of fencing activity includes and is not just limited to oval fencing, soccer and hockey pitch fencing.


Design Principles:
  • Controlling the access and contact of persons from outside and within the facility.
  • Produce a fencing product that does not create a hazard in relation to a hanging point, head entrapment point or pinch points for limbs and fingers.
  • Maintains a level of visible surveillance through the fence that aids natural surveillance of the site thus deterring unauthorised access and aiding detection.
  • Vandal resistant barrier that is difficult to damage and is less prone to spray painting than other fence cladding techniques.


Design Benefits:
  • Improved safety through controlling the access and contact of persons outside & within the facility during active use.
  • Reducing unauthorised access to the facility after hours and resulting damage from vandalism.
  • Improved aesthetics of the surrounding public space.