Colorbond Post & Rail Fencing

Post and Rail fencing is a traditional and cost effective form of fencing.

Its simple design makes it the ideal choice on sloping sites and uneven ground. All Post & Rail fencing can be custom made & ordered to any specific size or matched to an existing fence line.

Available in a wide range of double sided fencing colours and wide range of fence sheet profiles including colorbond, corrugated and mini flute to name a few design styles.

The galvanized steel fence posts, fence rails and post caps of Post and Rail Fencing come standard in galvanized finish. Powder coating of these components can be arranged to give you endless opportunities to individualise your design.


Design Principles:
  • Available in a diverse range of Colorbond colours, there is a look for every individual and setting.
  • The modular nature of Post & Rail fencing means that it can be used on flat sites or modified to suit sloped and undulating land.