The Process:

Stage 1 – Site Appraisal:

A time will be scheduled with yourself and one our qualified estimators to conduct a free on site appraisal. This stage allows us to give product advice, conduct a check measure and to help the client in the consideration of which fence design is most appropriate for their particular application.

Stage 2 – Design, Specification & Quotation:

Having established your fencing requirements and taken an onsite measurement; the estimator will design & specify your detailed design quotation. The details of the quotation will provide a costing breakdown that outlines all relevant project management, safety and environmental planning procedures in relation to the proposed site.

Stage 3 – Manufacture & Powder Coating:

Once the quote has been signed off in acceptance all fence manufacturing and powder coating is completed internally within Broadview Fencing which allows us to control the quality and timing of the delivery for your project.

Stage 4 – Pre-Construction Schedule & Delivery:

Working in conjunction with your schedule delivery times are assured through our personnel. Our safe and careful transportation processes ensure your product arrives on site uncompromised.

Stage 5 – Fence Construction:

Fence construction is completed by a team of the most experienced, well-qualified fence installers in South Australia who are trained & certified in all elements of construction site compliance.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you offer a free measure and quote?

A. Broadview Fencing does indeed offer a free measure and quote. Contact us directly on 08 8445 9422 or email to arrange an on-site appointment with one of our qualified sales representatives.

Q. How do I decide on the type of fence I need?

A. Your choice of fence will depend on your own requirements. Only after considering elements such as privacy, security, pool safety and the control of pets and young children, can you then think about the style of fence that will best suit your home. Our salespeople are happy to help you out with on-site suggestions and answer any of your calls directly to guide you through our range of suitable fencing solutions.

Q. How long does it take to install a fence?

A. Although most fence installations can be completed in approximately 1 day (dependant on the size of the job), factors such as inclement weather and delays in planning approval can extend this timeframe.

Q. How is the payment process structured?

A. An initial deposit is required, with the remaining payment to occur at the satisfactory completion of the fence. A series of progress payments may be arranged for larger projects. Payment is acceptable via cash, cheques, direct money transfer (EFTPOS) or with accepted credit cards (Visa, Mastercard).

Q. What happens to our old fence?

A. As a part of our services we offer to remove your existing fence and dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly practice – as appropriate for the associated fence material.