TigerTape Concertina

TigerTape Corcentina security fencing is the ideal material for providing an efficient and economical fencing solution around the widest possible range of sites and properties.

TigerTape Concertina is formed by clipping loops of single coil to one another at regular points. When extended this forms a cylindrical pattern & limits the extension of the coil giving integral strength & eliminating the need for support cables. Diameters available 550, 760 & 980mm


Design Principles:
  • TigerTape Corcentina fencing is an economical option for industrial, commercial and domestic security & boundary fencing.
  • Maintains a level of visible surveillance through the fence that aids natural surveillance of the site thus deterring unauthorised access and aiding detection.
  • Vandal resistant barrier that is difficult to damage and is less prone to spray painting than other fence cladding techniques.