Palisade & Maxiguard Fencing

Palisade & Maxiguard are a very high level of perimeter security to deter and delay unauthorized access to a site.

Palisade & Maxiguard fencing is a rigid bolted fence system that consists of rolled steel pales bolted with anti-tamper shear nuts to two or three horizontal equal angle rails that are bolted to posts.

Palisade is a straight pale fence, and Maxiguard provides increased scaling difficulty with an attack side outwardly curved pale top. Pales are available in both ‘W’ and ‘D’ profiles, where the ‘W’ profile provides greater strength. You also have the choice of standard 3mm pale thickness, 2mm commercial grade thickness, triple point spear top, single point spear top, or flat top. All pales are very rigid making attack or scaling of the fence very difficult.

Palisade & Maxiguard fences can be made to any height upon request. Post lengths can be varied to suit site conditions or structural engineer requirements.


Design Principles:
  • High level intruder resistant meaning it is a fence design that minimises the likelihood of entry by scaling or penetration without the aid of tools.
  • Maintains a level of visible surveillance through the fence that aids natural surveillance of the site thus deterring unauthorised access and aiding detection.
  • The gauge and design of materials used makes penetration through the fence highly difficult.
  • Unique ‘W’ & ‘D’ pale profiles to rail fastening that has superior resistance to failing as a result of hammer impact or levering.
  • As the pales are affixed to the rails on site, palisade is a style of fencing that accommodates changes in gradient a lot better than other fence types.