Securifor & Fortis 358

Securifor 358 and Fortis 358 welded high security fencing cladding is cut and climb resistant, non-obtrusive and offers high visibility.

The Securifor system is a total system that consists of heavy, high security welded panels in a finger-proof rectangular mesh, supported by a choice of posts.

Fortis 358 system is similar to the Securifor system but consists of two vertical wires at every aperture. This outcome is double wire, double strength, double sided and no attack side.

Both systems integrate a versatile support structure, welded mesh infill panel, anti-tamper fasteners and optional range of top rail barrier deterrents (TigerTape Concertina etc). Another option that can be incorporated is anti-tunnelling concrete plinth under the fence. The Fortis 358 & Securifor 358 systems should be used where prevention of unauthorised access is a top priority.


Design Principles:
  • High level intruder resistant meaning it is a fence design that minimises the likelihood of entry by scaling or penetration without the aid of tools.
  • Maintains natural surveillance of the site thus deterring unauthorised access and aiding detection.
  • Vandal resistant barrier that is difficult to damage and is less prone to spray painting than other fence cladding techniques.