Pedestrian Barrier Fencing

  • Flat Top
  • Loop Top
  • Vehicle Control
  • Vehicle Control
The Pedestrian & Barrier system is a range of tubular steel fencing developed to suit a diverse range of public domain open space applications including parks, public parking facilities, rail crossings and walkways.

The Pedestrian & Barrier system is developed to protect and manage pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles from open space hazards such as road infrastructure, cycling paths, tram & rail crossings, steep embankments & waterways.

Pedestrian & Barrier system is a lower level deterrent to unauthorized access to hazardous areas. It is also a more financially viable alternative compared to heavier fence alternatives, whilst also offering a higher degree of aesthetic value to the public domain open space.


Design Principles:
  • Controlled management and safety of pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular movement in a public domain open space.
  • Physical contact barrier for open space users between man-made infrastructure and the natural environment.
  • Maintains natural surveillance of the site with a high degree of aesthetic value to the open space.