Tubular Security Fencing

Pressed Tubular Spear security fencing is a pre-fabricated security fence system commonly integrated with industrial & commercial property, educational facilities and public infrastructure.

The Pressed Tubular Spear system combines vertical uprights of steel hollow sections (SHS) with a pressed spear top and a punched or welded horizontal rail construction.

The Pressed Tubular Spear system integrates a series of vertical uprights and two rails fixed with a flange bracket between posts in concrete footing or base flanged to concrete. All Pressed Tubular Spear panels can be custom made to any specific dimensions including different member sizing of the vertical uprights of steel hollow sections, horizontal punched/welded rails and posts.

Pressed Tubular Spear system can be finished as galvanized steel or with a polyester powder coat.


Design Principles:
  • Strong level intruder resistant meaning it is a fence design that minimises the likelihood of entry leading to a reduction in theft or damage to the property.
  • Maintains natural surveillance of the site thus deterring unauthorised access and aiding detection.
  • Higher degree of aesthetical value of the property perimeter and surrounds.