Bayview Tubular:

Bayview tubular fencing is custom made to suit any design requirement. Standard panels are made out 50x50mm square hollow steel cross rails spanning between precast concrete pillars. Given the simplicity of the design any span and number of cross rails can be tailored to your desired fence vision.


Design Principles:
  • Available in a diverse range of different powder coated colours; there is a look for every individual and setting.
  • Bayview tubular can be used on flat sites or modified to suit sloped and undulating land.
  • All our tubular fence designs used for the application of around swimming pools are designed to meet Australian Standard AS: 1926.1


Material Specification:
  • Paneil Rail: Custom made to any design requirement. Standard – 50x50mm square hollow steel x 2400mm
  • Intermediate Posts: Precast concrete pillar
  • Fasteners: Panels fixed to pillar: 50x50mm powder coated flange brackets.